90th Anniversary patchIn 2009 the CHC celebrated its 90th anniversary. A commemorative 90th Anniversary Patch was awarded to members who completed one of the 90th Anniversary events. Members who completed more than one event got special patches indicating the number of events they completed.

About Us

The Cleveland Hiking Club was founded in 1919 to promote and encourage hiking for health and recreation. As we celebrate our 99th anniversary, CHC is one of the oldest, most active, and most diversified hiking clubs in North America. On a monthly basis, usually half of our 1300 members hike at least once and more than 1/4 of our members average a mile a day; our most active member hiked 700 miles in one month!

Our Hikes

CHC publishes a monthly schedule of hikes, available to our members, potential members, and visitors. Hikes are held in the Metroparks systems in Cuyahoga County and several other Northeast Ohio counties, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and on sidewalks around many neighborhoods. CHC typically schedules at least 10+ hikes daily, with at least one hike on every day of the year. Hikes vary from an easy stroll to strenuous, from three miles to 40 miles, at various paces, as described in our monthly schedule. Individuals of any age and physical condition are encouraged to participate. A list of our scheduled hikes can be found at the website's Schedules page

Our Hikers

The CHC keeps records of how many miles each member hikes with the club. Our all-time most prolific hiker hiked over 60,000 miles with us. The club recognizes member mileage achievements with patches for milestones (100, 500, and each 1000 miles). Yes, the club still retains its original purposes of hiking for health and recreation.

Our Other Activities

CHC sponsors trips within the US and to other countries for hiking, culture, education, and sightseeing. We raise funds to introduce children to the outdoors and maintain trails. For many years we have contributed scholarships for disadvantaged children to attend overnight camps in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Joining CHC

Annual dues are $30 for an individual or $45 for a couple. Our website and monthly newsletter are used to communicate mileage records and inform members about social events, our excursions / trips, and other club activities. We are a volunteer organization with no paid staff. To become eligible for membership, an individual must complete six hikes as a visitor within 365 days. Talk with the hike leader on your first hike to learn the process for recording your first six hikes. To get started, just come out for a hike!

Our Welcome to You

Hike leaders place safety first. On a hike, many hikers talk with other hikers, but some may choose to hike alone within the group. Please consider joining us on a hike. You will be welcomed and you will not be pressured to join CHC. Be sure to wear proper footwear (hiking shoes, hiking boots, or athletic shoes).

Download our Brochure

Click here to download the CHC Brochure


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