Upcoming Events:
For details see the website's Newsteps Page or the hiking schedules.

Saturday, May 2:
Museum of Contemporary Art Hike
See April Newsteps, p. 4

Sunday, May 3:
Annual 40 mile hike

Mon-Wed, May 11-13:
Bird Away
See April Newsteps, p.5

Sunday, May 17:
Annual Membership Meeting/Potluck
See April Newsteps, p. 8

Wednesday, May 20:
Take A Hike: Gateway District
See April Newsteps, p. 15

Saturday, May 30:
Potluck and Talk on Beech Cemetery
See April Newsteps, p. 7

Thursday, June 4
Take A Hike: Civic Center District
See April Newsteps, p. 15

Saturday, June 6:
Twin Valley Trail Challenge Hike
See April Newsteps, p. 10

Saturday, July 11
Take A Hike: Warehouse District
See April Newsteps, p. 15

Saturday, July 25:
Steak Roast

Saturday, August 1:
General Meeting/Potluck

Sunday, August 16:
Gear Swap

Tuesday, August 25:
Take A Hike: Playhouse District
See April Newsteps, p. 15

Sunday, September 13:
Take A Hike: Canal Basin District
See April Newsteps, p. 15

Upcoming Excursions:
For details see the website's Excursions Page.

April 19 -26, 2015:
AT in Pennsylvania

May 15 - 30, 2015:
Shropshire and the Isle of Wight, England

May 29 - June 15, 2015
AT in Central VA

June 28 - July 4, 2015
Peak Bagging in Maine and New Hampshire

July 25 - August 16, 2015:
Telluride, Lake City, Ouray/Silverton, Colorado

August 2 - 16, 2015
Peak Bagging in Maine

August 24 - September 4, 2015
Glacier National Park & Waterton Lakes National Park

August 27 -29, 2015:

September 12 - 18, 2015:
Traverse City, MI and Mackinac Island

September 9 - 22, 2015
Prague, Vienna, Slovenia, Venice


We are the 95-year-old Cleveland Hiking Club, more than one thousand members strong. We offer over 250 hikes in the North East Ohio region on a monthly basis for hikers of all fitness levels. Every day we offer hikes of different difficulties, at different times, and at various locations. You do not need to be a member of the club to join us on a hike, so spend some time on our web site to learn more then come and take a hike with us! You’ll be glad you did; but be careful, hiking is addictive!

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Safety and Health Notes from Karen Pressman

Including numerous articles, and updated with Dealing With Mud


Club News and Info

The annual 40-mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, May 3. You can download the map and the directions for the hike:
Instructions for 40 Mile Hike in 2015
Map for first half of 40 Mile Hike in 2015
Map for second half of 40 Mile Hike in 2015

The 2014 Annual Report to Members is now available in the Contacts section of the Members Only portion of the website. The annual report recaps the main events for 2014 and compares activities of the club to the past and our goals for the year. Please take a minute to glance at this report to recognize the tremendous efforts of members, committee chairs, officers and directors in helping to make our Cleveland Hiking Club the outstanding organization that it is.

Dave Richards, President

The annual 26 mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, April 19. You can download the map and directions for the hike here.

As requested by the Cleveland MetroParks, Katherine Malmquist's March 21st Sunrise Hike (hike 21B) will meet at Forest Ridge Parking Lot instead of the Polo Fields.

The annual 20 mile hike is scheduled for Sunday, March 29. You can download the map and directions for the hike here.

There is a time change for the hike to participate in the St. Patrick's Day parade. Because of our prime spot in the parade, we will meet at 11:15 AM at Emperor's Palace Restaurant Parking Lot at 2136 Rockwell. Socialize there after the parade (BYOB, but also bring any openers or glasses you want to use). Or celebrate at any Irish place you prefer.

Cleveland Hiking Club has contracted with Cleveland International Film Festival as a community partner and will sponsor the film "If You Don’t, I Will" from France. Check it out at at their website. The screenings are Thursday, March 19 at 5:00 PM and Friday, March 20 at 6:25 PM. Please join us if you can. We will have a vendor table outside the theater before the screening and will participate in the pre-film introduction. You can get $2 off a ticket by using the Discount Code "Hike".

Two more hikes have new starting locations at the request of the Cleveland MetroParks:
Hike 7A at 7 AM is moved from the Brecksville Nature Center to Brecksville Town Center - on Rte 82 east of Brecksville Rd.
Hike 7G at 9 AM is also moved from the Brecksville Nature Center to Brecksville Town Center - on Rte 82 east of Brecksville Rd.

Several hikes have had their starting locations changed at the request of the Cleveland MetroParks:
Dan Lintern's hike 1A will start at Strawberry PA in North Chagrin
Joan Prentice's hike 1K will start at Forest PA in North Chagrin
Debbie Wood's hike 9J will start at Station Road Bridge in CVNP
Norma Delp's hike 10K will start at Station Road Bridge in CVNP

Plan on coming out on New Year's Day for the President's Hike (5 miles at about 3 MPH) or the Vice-President's Hike (3 miles at a slower pace). Depending on the weather, you'll have a chance to walk with over 100 of your fellow CHCers. Then you can join the group for dinner afterwards to replace all those calories you burned hiking (and still have lots of time to get home for the Ohio State football game). See details on page 1 of the January Newsteps over at the website's Newsteps page.

The updated constitution and new bylaws have now been posted to our website on the website's Contacts page. The Board of Directors has decided to make these documents available via the Club's website in lieu of printing and distributing these new documents to all members. However, if you need or desire a printed copy, please contact President Dave Richards and he will have a hardcopy mailed to you. Thank you for your vote in support of these new basic documents for our Club. Please consult upcoming Newsteps for further information regarding the implementation of the changes included in these new documents.

Detailed info on the 2015 excursion to Prague, Vienna, Slovenia, Venice is now available and is posted here .

Reservations are due very soon for the CHC's Holiday Party, so don't forget to sign up. Reservations should be received by this coming Monday, November 28. The party is on December 7. For more details, see the October Newsteps at the website's Newsteps page.

Your dues are due. Although your membership really expires at the end of the year, the club grants an extension to January 31. After that, you are no longer a member if your dues are not paid. See details on page 4 of the December Newsteps or at the website's membership page.

Don't forget about the General Meeting out at camp this Saturday, November 1. It starts at 4:30 PM with a workshop on how to put studs in your boots for winter walking. Then there is a social hour at 5:50, a potluck at 6:00 and the meeting at 7:00 PM.

By now all members should have received ballots for the upcoming elections and amendments to our Constitution. Please return these so they are back by October 17. And please follow the instructions carefully; every year we unfortunately have some Ballots rejected because rules were not followed.

Next month members will vote on proposed amendments to the club's Constitution. Members may read the final report from the Constitution Review Committee and also a sample of the ballot that we will be voting on. To help clarify, President Dave Richards sends this comment: "The Board at its July 1 meeting and a motion passed at our August 2 General Membership meeting have approved moving forward with a vote on the proposed changes to our Constitution made by our Constitution Review Committee. The Board has further recommended that members vote to approve all changes being suggested. Attached is a copy of the Final Report of the Constitution Review Committee plus a Sample Ballot which will be sent to all members with the annual vote on officers and directors for 2015. The Report provides the background of the process followed and the highlights of key changes being suggested. The Sample Ballot is provided to allow members time to review the specifics of the proposed changes prior to receiving the official ballot in late September. The first page of the sample ballot contains information on how to vote and what you must return in the envelope provided. Remember to place your votes for the 2015 officers and directors and your constitution ballot in the appropriately marked envelopes. Place both voting envelopes in the separate mailing envelope addressed to Dan Herris our Corresponding Secretary. Please DO NOT forget to place your name and return address on the outside mailing envelope only (failure to do this will result in your ballots being voided). Your vote is important so please respond within the voting period. Thanks for your cooperation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Dave Richards 407-491-4357 or drichards0901@gmail.com"

Don't forget about the club's general meeting, which is coming up on August 2. There will be proposals to amend our constitution and to approve a slate of candidates for our upcoming election. Both items need to have a quorum of members present in order to be officially approved.

For those of you who find the hiking experience is deepened by a knowledge of the natural world around you, you might be interested in the Cleveland Natural Science Club. Several CHC members are also in this club. The upcoming meeting on August 2 deals with Surinam.

The starting points of several hikes have been moved due to conflicts with July 4 festivities. Hikes 5A, 5F and 5G were originally supposed to start at Coe Lake but will now start at Wallace Lake because the parking lots at Coe Lake have been closed.

An impressive amount of work has been going on to maintain the grounds and buildings at camp. For more details, including info on how to help, see this note from Louise Melnik.

Jim Lahman reports that his hike 4K has a new starting point. Although it will still be in Brecksville Reservation, it will start at the Nature Center instead of Oak Grove Picnic Area.

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